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About Us

The Next Big Step For Healthier Life

GDE is a pioneer and expert in biotechnology innovation for healthier human life and cleaner earth.

As microalgae hold remarkable potential as the future biotech resource, GDE believes in leading the industry by developing environmental tech, medical and drug-related products, cosmetics, livestock feeds, future materials and next generation new & renewable energy.

At GDE, we are aiming to build a better, healthier future for humanity and greener planet earth.

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Company Name : GDE Co.,Ltd. | CEO : Jeong-Won Suh | Business license number : 140-81-52445 | Email : info@gde-global.com
Address : 24 Baemigol-gil. Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea | Tel : +82-31-475-1700~1701 | Fax : +82-31-475-1700~1701
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